Slater a mob boss?

Christian Slater, Wes Bentley and Emmanuelle Vaugier have signed on to star in an upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's short story DOLAN'S CADILLAC. Christian Slater will play a mob boss in the film, which makes me wonder how that kid from GLEAMING THE CUBE has been cast as a mob boss. This is the best mob boss they could find? Bentley will play a man looking to avenge the murder of his wife (Vaugier) by Slater's Vegas mob boss. So Vaugier dies in the movie? That's pretty much the only reason I want to see it! Have you seen this HYSTERIA movie (NSFW linkage)! The film will be directed by Erik Canuel who our Canadian readers will remember from BON COP, BAD COP, the highest grossing film in Canada's history (JoBlo swears it's funny!...). Richard Dooling, who co-wrote King's "Kingdom Hospital," will write the script. Filming on CADILLAC is expected to begin on May 14.

Extra Tidbit: Sylvester Stallone was previously attached to play the mob boss, which is the only casting I can think of that is more ridiculous.



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