Slumdog Millionaire's Anil Kapoor gets a role and Lea Seydoux confirmed as villain for Mission: Impossible 4

At first it was thought that Anil Kapoor, the once fictional game show host with amazing hair in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE would be playing a villain in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4.

After getting the quick word from Paramount, Deadline found out that Kapoor is currently negotiating to play an "integral supporting role" that is being kept top secret, but they say he's not going to be a villain. This news contradicts what Deadline had reported within the same hour. Their source stated that Kapoor would be playing one of the villains alongside Michael Nyqvist as the lead bad guy. But since the part is being kept under wraps, it's possible he still may come out as the villain.

Léa Seydoux (ROBIN HOOD) was just confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter as a female villain for M:I4. There's no expansion on character details as of now. I love a good lady baddie, especially a French one. Seydoux just recently wrapped Woody Allen's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS with Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.

I kind of hope it turns out Kapoor is really going to be a villain.

Extra Tidbit: SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE was like the most talked about and hyped thing for so long. Now it almost seems like it entered film ghost town territory. No one ever mentions it anymore.
Source: DeadlineTHR



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