Slumdog Truckers?

Back in September, Coming Soon reported that Danny Boyle was working with DreamWorks on an animated film based on Terry Pritchard's "Bromeliad trilogy" of novels. He was reportedly working with Frank Cottrell Boyce, a writer he previously worked with on MILLIONS. But then in December, MTV reported that it probably wasn't going to happen (Boyle was quoted as saying, "it's fallen apart"). This was all, of course, before Boyle's big Oscar win for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. So is it possible that DreamWorks has had a change of heart?

Today word comes out of the Hollywood Reporter that DreamWorks has hired Simon Beaufoy to write an adaptation of "Truckers," the first installment of Pritchard's trilogy. Beaufoy won an Oscar for his work on SLUMDOG will Boyle. Could this be a way to get Boyle back in the fold by ditching the old script and having his SLUMDOG writer work on a new draft?

The books follow a race of tiny people from another world who live hidden among humans. Once they learn of their history from an artifact known as "The Thing", they make plans to return home. Boyle will certainly be a man in demand and animated films take a lot of hands-on attention so it'll be interesting to see how this pans out...

Extra Tidbit: Andrew Adamson (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA) had previously been attached to TRUCKERS for DreamWorks.
Source: THR



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