Slusho! Happy!

Those wacky Japanese and their adverts. This isn't what I would consider to be the all-time greatest crazy bat shit insane ad that I've seen, but it's damn close. As you know, Slusho is the fictional drink, trademarked by JJ Abrams and at one point, a possibly name for the monster flick CLOVERFIELD. And I guess that is exactly what is being advertised here, in some really roundabout way. I don't speak Japanese, so I have absolutely no idea what's being said in the advert, but rest assured, if an infinite number of monkeys sat at an infinite number of type-writers none of them would come up with something that would make this ad make a lick of sense. It's been speculated that the Slusho website has a ton of clues as to the movie, but who knows. If you want to root around for those, then head on OVER. The film is only about a month away now, so just sit tight!
Extra Tidbit: Yep, the most insane Japanese advert I've seen, if only for Nic Cage deciding it would be a good idea - PACHINKO!
Source: Slusho



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