Sly gets release date

THE EXPENDABLES sounds like it's gonna be about as much fun as a movie could possibly get. And I have no real knowledge of the film's plot (something about being sent to go kick some ass), simply that a film stars Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Li and Rourke (with a little Schwarzenegger sprinkled in for good luck). And to me that's good enough to at least get my ass in a theater seat. But when will that be exactly? We've got word today that Lionsgate has set an April 23, 2010 release for the film. That's a little over a year away (an agonizing year away) and right now it's only competition is the Chris Rock/Tracy Morgan comedy DEATH AT A FUNERAL. And while I adore Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan, that's not really a competition. And while I'm thinking about it, you know what would be awesome? THE EXPENDABLES at Comic-Con. That crowd would go nuts if Lionsgate rolled out all those names above.

Extra Tidbit: Van Damme, Snipes and Sandra Bullock were all offered roles in the film.
Source: ERC



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