Sly's Mechanic student

While Sylvester Stallone has been toying with the idea of a DEATH WISH remake, that's not the only classic Chuck Bronson flick he's considering. Sly might be putting his sinewy senior self in an update of THE MECHANIC, possibly with a high-profile young co-star.

According to Dark Horizons (via Sly expert 'AB King'), MGM is doing a 21st century version of the 1972 hitman flick with a $40 million budget. The movie will feature Stallone in the Bronson role as a gnarled assassin who takes on an apprentice, a younger hotshot eager to learn the trade of contract killing.

The original (now sorely dated, though still excellent) featured Jan-Michael Vincent as the student, but the studio is supposedly pursuing actors such as Ryan Gosling, Cillian Murphy, Elijah Wood and Ben Foster for the position. Any one of them would be compelling, but I'd personally like to see Wood shed his Frodo with some excessive violence...
Extra Tidbit: Years ago, Stallone (and writer-director Walter Hill) planned to remake John Woo's THE KILLER.
Source: Dark Horizons



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