Small Town casting

Country movies inspired by song lyrics don't usually get my pulse racing, but I have such an immense respect for Chris Pine and I want to write a story that involves him. So here's a story: on 26th August 1980, Pine was born, several years later he was the dude in JUST MY LUCK and then later that same year, he played one of the insane Tremor brothers in SMOKIN' ACES. That's incredible range. Anyway, now he, Shawn Christian, Bre Blair (SOMETHING'S WRONG IN KANSAS), John Hawkes, Robert Pine, Lin Shaye, Muse Watson and Brent Briscoe have joined the cast of SMALL TOWN SATURDAY NIGHT.

According to Hollywood Reporter, SMALL TOWN centers on a country musician who discovers that the desire to follow his dream conflicts with his desire to be with the woman he loves while at the same time following the lives of townsfolk whose lives the two impact.

The film is written and to be directed by Ryan Craig (PIANO MAN IN A GUITAR TOWN).
Extra Tidbit: Pine is on my exclusive 'Would Possibly Turn Gay For' list.



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