Smell like Star Trek

When I was a younger hellion, movie merchandise tended to be limited to toy stores, fast-food franchises and the breakfast cereal aisle. Now it seems that every possible avenue for tie-in material is being explored.

This is further demonstrated by ThinkGeek, the fine online purveyors of all manner of cool stuff you don't really need but will likely buy anyway (die-cast BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean replica: purchased!), who are currently selling a STAR TREK-themed cologne. Even better, it's all about the Enterprise's expendable "heroes" -- it's called Red Shirt.

As they put it: The word just came across the intercom - you're needed for the away team mission. It's your first; you better look and smell your best. So you break out your Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne - the galaxy's first cologne made especially for you. The first cologne made especially for all of those brave warriors who wear the color red and never return from the planet's surface. That's right, you're probably toast, but at least you'll smell good on the way out.

 Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne is both silly and not all at once. Sure it's mocking all the poor extras who filled the role of cannon fodder for Kirk and his crew, but it also smells really dang nice too. Because sometimes you just need to smell your best, and Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne is a way to do it in style. And who knows, you might not just be an extra destined to die - you could very well be this week's guest star. See, it might not be all bad! Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne - because tomorrow may never come.

Love that logo and tagline. You can find out more and grab a bottle or two RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Yup, it's real -- unlike ThinkGeek's sweet April Fool joke items like caffeinated cereal and the Tauntaun sleeping bag...
Source: ThinkGeek



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