Smell Natalie Portman?

Ever wanted to catch a whiff of Natalie Portman? Well first off, ew. That's pervy. Second, it's your lucky day! The Los Angeles Times will run a print ad in an upcoming issue for Portman's upcoming film MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM that will feature scented ink. On September 9th, in the LA Times' fall preview issue, Fox Walden will run an ad that will allow readers to smell designated areas of the paper that should give off the aroma of a frosted cake. Sadly one of those designated areas won't be anywhere on Ms. Portman's body. The ad will be the first ever to use scented ink, which is soy-based (that wonderful soy can do anything!). The Times came up with the concept and presented it to Fox Walden (along with, presumably, other potential advertisers) and they jumped at the idea to promote the upcoming kids movie. MR. MAGORIUM, which co-stars Dustin Hoffman, hits theaters on November 16th. Anyone who catches a whiff, feel free to write in and let us know what your nose knows.

Extra Tidbit: MAGORIUM was directed by Zack Helm who wrote STRANGER THAN FICTION.
Source: Fox Walden



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