Smith directs Heroes

Rather than risk new episode withdrawal in us loyal viewers during the frustrating mid-season hiatus, the producers behind NBC's superhero drama phenom "Heroes" have opted to forego reruns and will instead air a spin-off titled "Heroes: Origins" in which we see how recently discovered super powers affect the lives of those outside the core cast we've come to love, hate and/or feel spectacularly indifferent about.

And if that wasn't enough to get you to tune in, none other than lovably plump uber-geek Kevin Smith will be directing the first episode so expect at least three STAR WARS references, and at least a passing reference to an unspeakably vile sex act. Check out video of the announcement below. The all new exciting and undoubtedly insipidly voice-over-ed second season of "Heroes" kicks off September 24th. Thanks to SchottGun for the heads up and linkage!

Extra Tidbit: Smith also directed the pilot episode of The CW's upcoming Ghost Rider-esque comedy "Reaper" and filmed a supporting role in a Showtime "Sex and the City with guys" comedy "Manchild" that, unfortunately, wasn't picked up.
Source: YouTube



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