Smith disses Pinkett for Star

Will Smith has left wife Jada Pinkett high and dry as he moves on with his remake of A STAR IS BORN without her. Pinkett was originally to star alongside Smith in the fourth film version of BORN but somehow along the way got bumped for the younger, more attractive, more talented R&B singer Alicia Keys. So why did Pinkett get the boot? Apparently, when Keys contributed a song to the ALI soundtrack, Smith took a shining to the young starlet and they struck up a friendship. A concern with Pinkett starring in the role was that she wasn’t much of a songbird but that problem looks to be solved. Girlfrieeend! Yo man needs to come correct!

So have I vented lately about my dislike for Will Smith? If so, I apologize - I need to let off a bit more steam. (Bear with me. I’m sick and grumpy and need to take out my frustrations on some poor sap.) I just don’t dig the guy. I find myself up to my elbows schadenfreude as ALI goes down the proverbial tube (from 2nd place to 6th in the matter of one week).  If I ever find something he's remotely related to enjoyable, I feel I have to rate it on the "Despite Factor" - as in "I liked MEN IN BLACK...despite Will Smith." And where does this come from you ask? Dunno. I actually was a big Fresh Prince fan back in fourth grade but somewhere along the line, the dude lost me. And marrying Jada Pinkett was a bad career move.  To me this is like Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20 doing a record together. I know this has nothing to do with anything so I'm thinking I should cut down my NyQuil (capital N, little y, Big f**king Q!) dosage...

Source: New York Post
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