Smith flick title?

Take this with a grain of salt until it's officially confirmed, but Buffalo-based movie website The Film Stage did some poking around on the Warner Bros. exhibitor website (where information resides on movie releases and what trailers are attached to them) and found what could be the re-tooled title for Kevin Smith's next flick... COP OUT.

Here's what The Film Stage found. Look at the second entry for SHERLOCK HOLMES:

Trailer Placements: 12/25/09

* Sherlock Holmes: (ATT) Clash Of The Titans (TR1) / Inception (TR2) – COMBO RT 2:30 – New Trailers
* Sherlock Holmes: (ACC) Cop Out (TR1) New Trailer
* It’s Complicated: Valentine’s Day (TR3)
* Nine (Expansion): Valentine’s Day (TR3)
* Up In The Air (Expansion): Edge Of Darkness (TR1)
* The Road (Expansion): Edge of Darkness (TR1)

We'll no doubt find out in a few days if the above is accurate, though I wouldn't doubt it; COP OUT seems to be in line with what Smith said about finding an "ironic" solution to this whole retitling business.

The other little bit of news found in the above info from Warner Bros. seems to be that the second trailer for Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION will be attached to some prints of SHERLOCK HOLMES. As if you needed even more reason to see Robert Downey Jr. beat fools up in theaters.
Extra Tidbit: If this is indeed the new title, I think it's a clever compromise and a nice little elbow to WB's ribs. What do you guys think?
Source: The Film Stage



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