Smith horror on hold

Kevin Smith Despite chatting up a horror project titled RED STATE over the last few months, View Askew grand poobah Kevin Smith has been secretly writing another comedy. At least it was a secret until he dropped this little ditty on the View Askew messasgeboard over the weekend:

Finished a script a few minutes ago. The comedy. 146 pages. I'll spend tomorrow taming it down to 120 pages or so. It's really funny, really dirty, and really touching stuff. Granted, I'm biased. Now, onto "Red State". Well, not now. First I'm gonna sleep. Then, I'll take some down-time to work on this current bad boy before launching into the "Red State" script.

Further, this sumbitch may just be on the fast track as he squeezed out the follow-up juicy load:

So I spent the next two days trimming the length down to 120 pages, then turned it over to Mosier. First test passed: Mosier loved it. Gonna make some more trims in the first thirty pages, and turn it in to the Brothers Weinstein on Monday, hopefully.

It seems RED STATE is on the back burner for now or, if the folks at /Film are to be believed, Smith may just be shooting both back-to-back. We'll keep an eye out and let you know.

Extra Tidbit: Did you know Bruce Willis threatened to quit the upcoming LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, in which Smith has a small part, if the studio didn't let Smith use his own dialogue?!? (That was sarcasm, click through for the real story.)
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