Smith on Oldboy

I had kind of hoped Spielberg's adaptation of OLDBOY had just dissipated when everyone involved realized it was a poor decision, but turns out not so. Will Smith talked a little about the project to MTV, saying they won't by shying away from controversy.

“It’s the thing that Steven was attracted to... We’re working from the comic and we haven’t done anything other than talk about it. So we’ll see what happens, but he’s not going to do anything that would be less than stunning.”

I honestly don't know who is excited about this movie. I love Will Smith and I have the deepest respect for Spielberg but I don't know who in their right mind wants this to happen. Maybe the same people who wear Ugg boots? I don't understand those things either. Or dudes who don't flush public toilets. Who knows what the hell these people are thinking. Still, it feels like an awfully small demographic to aim for.
Extra Tidbit: Also, if you haven't seen OLDBOY, don't read that MTV article.
Source: MTV



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