Smith talks horror

I recently got the chance to sit down 1-on-1 with the talented, extremely witty and all around cool dude, Kevin Smith. He is doing the rounds promoting his latest feature CATCH AND RELEASE where he plays Jennifer Garner’s roomie in a scene stealing performance. He seems to be doing the actor gig quite a bit lately with this, a small role in TMNT (voice work in case you were wondering) and the recent pilot for MANCHILD which is the US version of the hit British series starring Mr. Giles, Anthony Stewart Head of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE fame. And don’t forget, he will be wisecracking his way through LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, the latest DIE HARD installment with the one and only Bruce Willis.

Well, the question is, when will he get back behind the camera? The rumor was that he was working on a horror film. Yep, you heard right, “It’s all in my head, I haven’t sat down and started tapping away yet.” When I asked what type of horror he is looking to do, he asked, “Did you ever see RACE WITH THE DEVIL? It’s like that.” Many others had asked him about zombies, to that he added, “Is that what a horror movie is to people? Like, just zombies? It’s such a wide genre, its wide open… In a world where 28 DAYS LATER is a horror movie and THE SHINING is a horror movie. Those are two very disparate films… It’s a wide open genre and very tough to pin down. It’s so odd to me that people immediately assume that you are talking a zombie or a monster.”

I for one am a major fan of Mr. Smith, and after talking horror with him, I guarantee that he’s got a terrific grasp on what makes a great horror film. He understands that there is more than one kind of horror and it’s not just jumping on the bandwagon of the recent trend. I am eagerly awaiting his contribution to a genre which means a whole lot to yours truly. And if you haven’t seen RACE WITH THE DEVIL, I urge you to check it out on DVD. See what you can do with a great script, top-notch actors and a truly suspenseful premise. And thank whomever you want to thank that Mr. Smith has NO plans to just remake it. You can read more on my conversations with Kevin Smith very soon.

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