Smith talks Red State

I'll be honest, I was never at any point even remotely interested in seeing a Kevin Smith horror flick. But after reading this question and answer piece that the upstanding fellas over at /Film have put together, I'm actually pretty stoked to see the thing. Some of the highlights are how long it took to write (5 days??! Alright he had a serious outline and stuff, but still), how the flick is allegedly bleaker than the Aronofsky masterpiece REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (really??) and confirmation that the film is more about horror of the mind than horror of the 'oh my god that's his spleen on the floor!' (HOSTEL type stuff, ya know?)

What really sold me on this thing though, is a comment Smith made about some of the people who had read the thing's comments:

Scott dug it, but said it’s not gonna be easy to pull off. Bryan read the first 87 pages, before I went back and revised some stuff and finished it, but he dug the Hell out of it. Malcolm’s read it, too, and he loves it. After he was done reading it, he sent me an IM that read simply “I dare you.”

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Extra Tidbit: Smith did a couple of re-writes on COYOTE UGLY.
Source: /Film



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