Smith's Danger Rangers?

It's taken a while, but apparently JoBlo.com favourite, Kevin Smith finally feels he's worked up the sack to tackle a big flick with special effects and all that other stuff that makes Michael Bay sprout wood. The man spoke to MTV about making a big-screen adaptation of RANGER DANGER AND THE DANGER RANGERS, a FLASH GORDON-esque, comic book/sci fi flick; “I think it would be kinda cool to go larger budget and shoot some effects on that one... 'Reaper’ made me feel a bit more confident when it comes to effect shoots - not like I’m going out and seeking them, but when it comes to one like ‘Ranger Danger’ I [used to think] ‘maybe when I’m fifty I’ll be ready for it... But now I feel like, it’s easier to work through things." This is pretty sweet news. I wouldn't say that Smith had gone stale, but it will definitely be cool to see him branch out in another direction. Plus, I want a movie that doesn't feature the same characters and/or sucks. I actually don't really feel that way (loved CLERKS 2), but I'm typing this through the internet and with a fairly toned set of pectorals, rather than with a pair of bitch tits in front of both a live audience and a microphone-wielding Kevin Smith, so you know, fuck it.
Extra Tidbit: In any case, if everything goes down the tits up, at least we've a good shot of seeing Jason Lee and/or Ben Affleck with handlebar mustachios. Those things always brighten my day. Tell me one thing you can put a handlebar mustache on and it not be awesome. One thing. Imagine if Jesus had one.
Source: MTV



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