Smith's Dicks renamed

It became clear, almost from the get-go, that Kevin Smith's A COUPLE OF DICKS wasn't going to keep that title for very long. Warner Bros. did some research with media outlets and learned they were going to have a issue advertising the film with that title. Smith already went through similar issues with ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO and was likely eager to avoid that scenario as well. We've heard A COUPLE OF COPS thrown around as a possible (and lame) replacement and recently it was referred to as an UNTITLED COP MOVIE. Well now Kevin has announced they've got a name.

Sadly, he's not at liberty to say. Said Smith on Twitter:

The Movie Formerly Known as A COUPLE OF DICKS has finally settled on a (network-policy-dictated) replacement title! While we'll always have DICKS in our hearts, the title we just now locked makes me smile on a bunch of different levels - including this: we can now advertise our movie properly (& ironically). And said marketing begins... on every print of SHERLOCK HOLMES, Christmas Day!

So the good news is that we get a trailer in just a few weeks. And while Kevin wouldn't budge on the title ("That kinda thing's above my pay-grade"), he did add later that, "WB will announce in a day or two." Any suggestions?

Extra Tidbit: Why is DICKS any worse than KICK-ASS?
Source: Twitter



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