Smurfs casting call reveals some pretty Smurfable plot details

Hoping to capitalize on the skyrocketing popularity of blue people around the world thanks to AVATAR, THE SMURFS movie is moving ahead full force, and this new casting call from Spoiler TV is the first bit of info to give us any sort of indication about what the plot of the movie will be like.

[GRACE] 26 - 35 years old.. a first-time expectant mother, she's faced with juggling both an overworked husband and, ultimately, a household full of Smurfs. Should be lovely, maternal and have good comedic energy.sptv050769.. MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE

[ODILE] Late 20's to mid-40's... Foreign: European (French, Spanish, Italian), British, Latin American, French Canadian, etc. A beautiful, charming (when she wants to be), high-powered executive. She runs a high-end French cosmetics company. Strong comedic ability essential. MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE.

This confirms that the Smurfs will be interacting with real people, as opposed to being confined to Smurf Village. And they’ll be bothering a pregnant housewife and having something to do with a French cosmetics executive. I’m picturing Malin Akerman and Olivia Williams after reading those descriptions. 

I’m not sure how I feel about bringing Smurfs to real life, as ALVIN IN THE CHIPMUNKS currently stands as one of the most annoying kids movies ever made. I think a lush CGI Smurf world would suit them better, but hey, what do I know? French cosmetics it is.

Extra Tidbit: I know my niece is going to make me watch this at least ten times, so I'd really like it to at least be tolerable.
Source: SpoilerTV



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