Smurfs get director

The tiny blue forest-dwelling creatures known as THE SMURFS will be given a new animated (computer-generated) life thanks to Sony and director Raja Gosnell.

The SMURFS will be a live-action/CG combo (a la ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS), but delivered in trendy 3-D. The movie is already slotted for Chrismas 2010.

Gosnell has some experience blending humans with enhanced/ fabricated animals on BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAUA, two SCOOBY-DOO movies, and whatever the hell BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE was. Variety claims the SMURFS story is "being kept under wraps", no doubt leaving you to many restless nights of theorizing.

For those who are somehow unfamiliar with the world of Smurfs, the creation of Belgian cartoonist Peyo expanded from comics to an unavoidable series of figurines, games, toys, ice shows, songs and cartoons about a village of small blue shirtless dudes with singular defining traits who spend their days avoiding the evil sorcerer Gargamel and getting shot down by the only single chick in town.

Extra Tidbit: There's a surprising and (only slightly) disturbing amount of "hot Smurfette" artwork available online.
Source: Variety



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