Sneak Peek at The Dark Knight Rises' Bane figure from Hot Toys

Hot Toys, who makes 1/6 scale figures for uber collectors, has just released a teaser for the first figure from their THE DARK KNIGHT RISES line, featuring none other than Bane himself. We don't see his face, but the 70's pimp coat and urban militant gear is in full swing.

Hot Toys is a Hong Kong based toy manufacturer, which has been doing absolutely awesome work for the last 12 years on a slew of licensed properties.  The company has licenses for a wide array of properties, including Predator, Terminator, Batman, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, Rambo, Superman, Hellboy, 300, Spider-Man, etc., as well as Clash of the Titans and The Avengers, meaning you can expect a good dose of sweetness in terms of product tie-ins for some of this summer's most epic flicks.

For those collectors that want something more than a tiny hunk of plastic junk to display, Hot Toys is a great place to start in upping your 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN fanboy/girl collection. Just don't get caught having a GRANDMA'S BOY moment with the Scarlet Johansen Black Widow figure. Hot Toys figures can be bought through Sideshow Collectibles (who also offer a "layaway" plan for the more expensive items). 

Check out some highights from their product line:

They typically run about $200 a pop and are produced in limited quantities. If you're struggling with something to ask for for one of the big two (Birthday or Christmas) then look no further. I'm a super nerd collector and pretty much have something on layaway at any given time. Even the most cynical of fans has to appreciate the intricate detail in these figures.

Look for more figures to roll out throughout the year, tying into THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE AVENGERS, WRATH OF THE TITANS, and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, as well as many more.


Extra Tidbit: Who would you like to see Hot Toys cover, past or present? I'd like to see a Back to the Future line, The Rock, and possibly On Golden Pond...for personal reasons.
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