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Snipes back in action


There was a time when you could count on Wesley Snipes shooting and kicking and slapping all kinds of muhfukkas. Or to put that another way, you could always bet on black.

After a tiny matter with the IRS, Snipes is prepared to stomp more ass in the action flick GAME OF DEATH. While not a remake of Bruce Lee's final unfinished work, the movie features Snipes as "a politician's bodyguard who must fend off five of the world's top assassins."

The movie is being directed by Abel Ferrara (BAD LIEUTENANT), reuniting with the actor almost two decades after working together on the Christopher Walken gangster flick KING OF NEW YORK. Stuntgal Zoe Bell and perennial C-list baddie Robert Davi are also in the cast.

Snipes still has the cop drama BROOKLYN'S FINEST and the horror-western GALLOWWALKER also awaiting release.

Extra Tidbit: Ferrara's early exploitation flick Ms. 45 is a personal fave -- surprised that one hasn't been remade yet. Whoops...
Source: Variety



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