Snipes out of Anna

Even though Wesley Snipes can take down governments, vampires and mix-race marriages, it looks like he can't get the better of dastardly federal tax-fraud charges (or jump-shots from the top of the key). Apparently, the stress that he's getting for these charges have caused him to opt out of the Spike Lee World War II flick, MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA. And in his place, Derek Luke (ANTWONE FISHER) has slipped in to play one of four members of the U.S. Army's all-black 92nd Division who get seperated from their squad behind enemy lines. Luke just completed the ensemble romantic piece DEFINITELY, MAYBE and will be playing an Army Ranger in Robert Redford's LIONS FOR LAMBS. I guess we'll see how this goes, Luke seems nothing like Snipes (who is one of my personal favourites) to me, so I guess it's fortunate that he's an actor. Still, I bet he can't say 'mother f*cker' like Wesley can, I guess we'll found out how big a deal that is.
Extra Tidbit: Way to get yourself out of a respectable project, following THE CONTRACTOR, THE DETONATOR and THE MARKSMAN, Wesley. At least GALLOWWALKER sounds like it could be cool.
Source: Latino Review



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