SNL star Jason Sudeikis joins Aniston, Bateman in Horrible Bosses

If you had to pick one breakout star from the current cast of "Saturday Night Live" the obvious choice would be Kristen Wiig. But what about the male cast? Will Forte's bid, MACGRUBER, sadly underperformed (though I'm predicted a huge cult hit on DVD) and though he's done spectacular supporting work, Bill Hader hasn't yet led a film. So might I suggest Jason Sudeikis? He just wrapped a starring role alongside Owen Wilson in HALL PASS (casting the Farrelly Brothers adamantly fought for) and now he's signed on to star in the star-studded comedy HORRIBLE BOSSES.

Sudeikis will star with Jason Bateman and Charlie Day as three co-workers who cook up a STRANGERS ON A TRAIN type situation where they'll each kill each others bosses who are ruining their lives. Set to play the titular bosses are Jennifer Aniston (pleased to see she's playing something of a villain) and Colin Farrell. Jamie Foxx has also been cast as a con man who gives the guys (terrible) advice on how to get away with the crime.

Filming on BOSSES is scheduled to begin production under director Seth Gordon (FOUR CHRISTMASES) next month and Warner Bros. has already set a big July 2011 release date for the film.

Extra Tidbit: Sudeikis is the nephew of "Cheers" actor George Wendt.
Source: THR



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