Snow Angels trailer

It’s been a while since David Gordon Green, the man Roger Ebert calls one of the best young directors in America, has released a film, but now the trailer for his latest independent drama SNOW ANGELS has hit the web. If you don’t know who Green is, that will most likely change when his Seth Rogan stoner comedy THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS drops next year, but his work leading up that is worth checking out.

Green is known for his dreamlike Southern Gothic films that are so real they border on the avant-garde. His film ALL THE REAL GIRLS is one of the truest romances I’ve seen on celluloid, UNDERTOW is a smart thriller, and this trailer for SNOW ANGELS looks dreary, depressing, and dramatic in all the right places. It screened at Sundance under great word-of-mouth, and its cast is premiere. Finally Kate Beckinsale is doing the talent we all know she has justice (and I’m referring to you, supporting role in CLICK). The reliable Sam Rockwell costars, and it’s good to see Nicky Katt (FULL FRONTAL) getting some much deserved screen time. Check out the trailer HERE.

Extra Tidbit: When I spoke to Kate earlier this year, she told me that Gordon Green has a gift at 'capturing the awkwardness of being human."
Source: /Film



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