Snow is Breaking

Brittany Snow is in negotiations to star in the thriller BREAKING THE GIRL. The sexually charged film follows Sara Ryan, a betrayed co-ed who befriends a fellow student with a nemesis of her own. The pair plot to kill each others' enemies, but Ryan discovers all is not what it seems.

I can't figure out if this chick is cute or not. On the one hand yes she is, but on the other I saw JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE and Sophia Bush made her look like one of those 'before' girls in makeover ads. Is that a failing of hers, or a victory of Sophia Bush's? That's anyone's guess, but the important thing to remember in all of this is that whether you're into brunettes or blonds, pictures of either chick are out there, and you can both find them and whack off to them at your own convenience. Those are your rights and you should never be afraid to exercise them.
Extra Tidbit: Snow began modeling at 3 years old.
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