Snow on Prom Night

Back in the mid-80s when I would troll through the video store looking for horror flicks, one of the first ones I picked out was PROM NIGHT (perhaps I was a bit prescient seeing how my actual prom would be about as much fun as an axe murder). Was it good? Of course not! But that was the best part. Will this upcoming remake be any good? Of course not! But for some reason, current bad horror movies aren't good bad, they're bad bad. In any event, Screen Gems is moving ahead with a PROM NIGHT remake and has cast Brittany Snow (JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE) in the Jamie Lee Curtis role from the original. Stephen Susco (THE GRUDGE) wrote the script and Neal Moritz (STEALTH) is producing. I don't know much about Brittany Snow but the picture to the right is pretty...(ahem) impressive. Nelson McCormack, he of such straight-to-DVD classics as PRIMAL FORCE and CONTROL FACTOR, will direct for a February 2008 release (why not release in the spring at prom time?).

Extra Tidbit: Snow plays a murderous hooker in the upcoming movie ON THE DOLL.
Source: Variety



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