Snyder does games

After making a big name for himself in movies, director Zack Snyder (300, WATCHMEN) is moving into the videogame business. Snyder has signed a deal with Electronic Arts to develop three original games for the publisher. As you might expect, EA has the option to adapt any or all of the three games into films with Snyder's Cruel and Unusual Films producing. The games under the deal will not include games based on any of Snyder's previous work (though Warner Bros. is separately developing two downloadable WATCHMEN games). EA, who also have a similar deal with Steven Spielberg that spawned the Wii game "Boom Blox," is looking to develop games that can cross numerous platforms such as animation, comic, toys and more. While Spielberg's deal included some platform-specific titles (like "Boom Blox," which was exclusive to Wii), there was nothing to indicate that Snyder's games would be just Xbox, PS3 or Wii. Snyder's next film WATCHMEN hits theaters on March 6th (assuming the evil overlords at Fox aren't able to block it).

Extra Tidbit: Snyder studied painting at Heatherlies School in London.
Source: Variety



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