Snyder is Illustrated

He's barely even started on his ambitious adaptation of the iconic graphic novel WATCHMEN, but director Zack Snyder is stacking up projects like they're gonna kick him out of Hollywood.

The 300 helmer now has plans to make THE ILLUSTRATED MAN for Warner Bros., bringing sci-fi author Ray Bradbury's 1951 anthology to screens. The book used the title's framing device, a wanderer with storytelling tattoos all over his body, to spin a series of dark cautionary tales about humanity's future. The book was previously made into a not-exactly-classic 1969 movie with Rod Steiger.

Frank Darabont, who's adapting Bradbury's FAHRENHEIT 451 himself, will also produce Snyder's planned project. Meanwhile, Snyder is also concocting a pair of original projects (SUCKER PUNCH and the zombie epic ARMY OF THE DEAD) and has been interested in the videogame flick RAINBOW SIX and Vaughn Bode's postapocalyptic comic COBALT 60. Let's just hope he's got his mind on nothing but WATCHMEN at the moment...
Extra Tidbit: The last Bradbury work adapted to film was A SOUND OF THUNDER, which made sci-fi fans bleed from their pores.
Source: Variety



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