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The Watchmen Wizard Entertainment recently sat down with Zack Snyder to discuss his work on the long-awaited WATCHMEN adaptation and while he didn't exactly reveal anything we didn't already know, not only does he seem pretty damn pumped about bringing this puppy to the big screen but he had some pretty interesting things to say. Like this, for example:

Are you storyboarding with the original panels?

SNYDER: Yeah. I kind of storyboard. I draw. For instance, if I'm at a scene where Rorschach and Dan [“Nite Owl” Dreiberg] go to Happy Harry's to interrogate people, I have the script there while I'm going, and then I have the graphic novel which is the scene as well, and I kind of squish the two together. I change the script a little bit if I like a piece of dialogue that's in the graphic novel.

Most of the dialogue is in the graphic novel, but every now and then I'll say, “Oh, we left this out. I wonder why?”—maybe it's time [issues] or whatever—and I'll kind of whack it back in. Then I'll look at the compositions that are in the graphic novel and the details that are in the frame, and then with the art department I'll say, “It'd be cool if we have this kind of whiskey or this light thickness to add in the background,” or whatever that little thing is. All those kind of crazy obsessive details, I try to whack those in as much as I can.

Then I try within the scene, from time to time at least, to say, “This is a frame that's very similar to the kind of frame that Dave laid out” with Rorschach smashing the glass in the guys hand and the glass flying and the guy screaming, and so I'll grab that angle. Then I just put it in my book and cut out the frame. I glue it in my book next to the frame. That's kind of how I do it. Then I go, “Next shot.” We keep going, and if there's a frame that coincides I'll grab it, and if not I just try and get it close.

Read the rest of what he had to say over HERE. WATCHMEN opens March 6th, 2009.

Extra Tidbit: Does anyone think there's a chance Alan Moore will see this movie and, assuming it kicks ass, actually say good things about it?
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