Snyder talks Watchmen!

I was trying to think of some snappy word play to title this piece, but about a minute into it I realised that 'Snyder talks WATCHMEN' is probably enough to have half the known universe take note. I don't know about you guys, but WATCHMEN is probably the project I'm most looking forward to now that 300 has made its glorious bow and director Zack Snyder can officially do no wrong.

Comic Book Resources recently got chance to talk to Snyder, firstly about the crazy reaction from Iranian officials that I reported yesterday, and then about WATCHMEN.

Snyder confirms that WATCHMEN will definitely be his next project and also talks about rumours that Tom Cruise might be interested in playing Ozymandias in the film. Unfortunately, Snyder comments that "I don't think he's doing it. I wish he would, but I think Tom's busy and our schedule is making that tough. We've had a lot of great conversations about it and he's a bit of a "Watchmen" fan now, but I don't think he'll do it."

I think it would have been good, but oh well. For the full interview, click HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Casting rumours thus far are that Ron 'can do wrong' Perlman will be playing The Comedian, and Gerard Butler will be involved as one of the main characters, the identity of which is so far unknown.



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