Snyder's Dark Knight

Zack Snyder's eternal love for Frank Miller's “The Dark Knight Returns” recently resurfaced during an interview with MTV. Snyder has been after the project for years, but now must be content to wait out Nolan’s tenure with the franchise. And as it turns out, he’s ready to wait a long, long time.

“So for me, I’ll probably be in my twilight years directing one movie every now and then — made-for-TV movies and stuff like that. And I then will have a chance, maybe…It will be only 20 years from now, and it’ll be Christian Bale in his 50s. And by then, Chris will be over it and I’ll roll up and be like, ‘Let’s make a ‘Dark Knight’ movie!’”

If this scenario did pan out, it would be perfect age casting, as “The Dark Knight Returns” features a grizzled Batman in his fifties, fighting Harvey Dent and a gang called “The Mutants.” And since it’s a graphic novel, you know that Snyder would panel-for-panel the shit out of that thing, and we’d be treated to a ballet of slow motion Batman fight scenes beamed directly into our brains as it’s now the year 2029.

Extra Tidbit: Personally, I think it's Nolan, not Bale, who has made Batman good again. I like him as Wayne, but man, I can never get past that Batman voice...
Source: MTV



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