MOVIE POLL: So whadjoo do on Halloween?

So whadjoo do on Halloween?

Same shit as every day, dude...not much!
I dressed up, went to a party, drank like a mofo and had a blast!!
I didn't dress up or anything, but I had me a "good time", if you know what I mean
I f*cked like a jackrabbit!
Dude, I have NO IDEA what I did last night!!
I watched a scary movie!!
I took my kids trick or treating...and had a blast doing it?!
It was Wednesday night, so my answer is easy: "America's Top Model" followed by "Gossip Girl" and then some "CSI: NY" to top shit off.
I cried myself to sleep because my life blows according to the rest of the possible answers to this question. Wow! I gotta get out more!!
None of the above (see my answer below)

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