So who is Rose Huntingon-Whiteley playing in Transformers 3?

So we all know that Victoria Secret model/alleged actress Rose Huntington-Whiteley is replacing Megan Fox in TRANSFORMERS 3, but is she really “replacing” her? Meaning, is she the new Mikaela Barnes, pulling a casting switch like when we weren’t supposed to notice when the Fresh Prince got a brand new mom one day in the '90s?

Well IMDB currently lists her as Mikaela, but as it turns out, that’s not the case. I’m not sure if this has been reported on before, but this is the first time I’ve seen confirmation that Huntington-Whitely is playing Carly, who according to lore, eventually becomes Carly Witwicky, Sam’s wife in the Transformers animated series.

I doubt we’ll see any nuptials at the end of this film, although picturing Optimus Prime in a tuxedo made me laugh just now, but it could be an event in a future installment. Don’t pretend like there’s not going to be a TRANSFORMERS 4.

I think I’m most curious as to how they’re going to explain away Mikaela’s disappearance. Hopefully if will be somewhat of an “f*ck you” the way Vin Diesel was casually written out of XXX 2 when he walked (“Xander Cage has been killed in Bora Bora!”). And after you call the director Hitler, I can only imagine what fate awaits your poor character.

Extra Tidbit: My friends keep picture messaging me updates from the set. Here's one I was sent from my college roommate's drive to work.



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