Social Network pic

I believe that this is the first shot we've seen from the set of THE SOCIAL NETWORK, the story of the founding and rise of Facebook. It's not much to look at, though I can’t imagine there are a lot of crazy scenes that could have been captured during filming. What’s the action moment in a film like this? The first friend request? The first wall post? The first time someone logged into their friend’s profile and had them join a bunch of “I <3 dick” groups?

In any case, what we can see from the shot is just how pretty Justin Timberlake’s hair looks as he’s playing Facebook co-founder Sean Parker, who looks like this. Yeah, looks right to me, but I think I’m more interested in seeing Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg.

Click to see the picture bigger over at DailyMail.

Update: A Timberlake bonus photo set via JustJared. He does not look amused.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite Facebook prank? Change someone’s birthday to tomorrow. Subtle, yet hilarious when they wake up with 50 e-mail notifications. Or sad, when they wake up with zero.
Source: Daily Mail



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