Soderbergh back w/ Pitt

After working together on three of the OCEAN'S films, Brad Pitt and director Steven Soderbergh are set to reteam for another project. Soderbergh is in talks to direct Pitt in the upcoming sports flick MONEYBALL. Based on a script by Steven Zaillain (which in turn is based on the book by Michael Lewis), the film would star Pitt as Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, who created a sophisticated computer program that allowed his team to compete for the World Series every year despite having a payroll that was drastically lower than big market teams like the Yankees or Red Sox. Pitt has been attached to the project for about a year with David Frankel (MARLEY AND ME) set to direct. But when Frankel departed, Sony Pictures took advantage of an opening in Soderbergh's schedule created when his rock musical CLEO was delayed until 2010. Soderbergh, who just wrapped the ultra-indie film THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, would make MONEYBALL his next directing assignment which could have the film shooting this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Despite Beane's best attempts, the A's haven't won a World Series since 1989.
Source: Variety



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