Soderbergh on Liberace

It's been a long time since we've heard anything about Steven Soderbergh's LIBERACE biopic, but now that THE INFORMANT has wrapped, he’s opening up about his plans to chronicle the life of the flamboyant singer. Talking to MTV, he addresses the potential love scenes we could be seeing between Liberace (Michael Douglas) and Scott Thorson (Matt Damon).

"Everybody is hopeful that there will be a full-on, love-wrestling match between these guys," the "Ocean's" filmmaker revealed to us recently when we caught up with him, discussing a soon-to-be-filmed gay love story depicting the five-year romance between Liberace (Douglas) and his more-than-30-years-younger companion Scott Thorson (Damon).

"That's not where my mind went," Soderbergh grinned. "But we have a hot-tub scene in there."

It may not be common knowledge to most people, but Liberace firmly said that he was not gay, right until the day he died of AIDS. And although this film could end up being a rather serious, sad story, Soderbergh says at some times it is pretty funny, because I mean, it’s Liberace, and the man looks like a human chandelier.

"It's pretty crazy," Soderbergh said of the film's tone. "I don't think it's a comedy, but it's pretty funny because the environment and the lifestyle are so extreme that even just having these guys carry on a quote-unquote 'normal' conversation in one of these rooms wearing the clothes that they wore, it's hard to look at that and take it at face value.”

What, a man wearing a white satin jumpsuit with a lynx-fur cape and two million dollars in diamonds glued to it can’t have a serious conversation standing on polar bear skin rug surrounded by more gold than Fort Knox?

Extra Tidbit: The next most shocking person not officially out of the closet? Richard Simmons. Really.
Source: MTV



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