Soderbergh's Contagion infects Damon, Law, Cotillard and Winslet?

You never know what's up with filmmaker Steven Soderbergh. One minute he's talking about retirement, the next he's shooting an action movie (KNOCKOUT) and planning a big virus thriller with top-shelf talent.

Soderbergh's upcoming project CONTAGION has spread the bug to Oscar-worthy humans like Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard and Soderbergh's semi-regular collaborator Matt Damon.

The script from Scott Z. Burns (THE INFORMANT!, THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM) is apparently crackling with flesh-wrecking goodness, and is described as a character-jumping narrative like Soderbergh's award-winner TRAFFIC, but with a global pandemic instead of narcotic proliferation. If it also had zombies, I'd be in heaven.

Soderbergh plans to shoot in the fall, probably before the next flu season hits. The real question is, can it possibly improve on OUTBREAK, or the modern classic TV movie "Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America"? Have faith. But get your shots.

Extra Tidbit: A sneeze scene in THE INFORMANT! supposedly set Burns and Soderbergh to work on their virus story, but they put it aside when the swine flu panic first began.
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