Soderbergh's next?...

You may have heard that James Brown is the "hardest working man in show business" but Steven Soderbergh is ready to give Mr. Brown a run for his money.   He just finished putting the finishing touches on FULL FRONTAL and is about to begin filming on SOLARIS with George Clooney at the end of this month.  Following that, he has no less than three film projects he's attached to direct.  First, is the Che Guevara biopic with Benecio Del Toro starring.  Second is THE INFORMER about a corporate employee who exposes his company's wrongdoing but winds up going to jail himself.  Now another project has been annouced that would have Soderbergh directing from a script by Tony Gilroy (THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE, THE BOURNE IDENTITY).  This film is still at the pitch stage of development, but is reported to revolve around corporate espionage.  Add these projects to the numerous films that Soderbergh is producing through his Section Eight company and he hardly has time to enjoy dating E! hottie Jules Asner.  What a tough life...

Source: Variety
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