Soderbergh's quickie

While some directors are perfectly content with making, say, one film a year, others like the Terrence Malicks of the film world prefer to take long hiatuses between their film productions. And then you have guys/cyborgs like Steven Soderbergh who do this...

According to The Playlist, Soderbergh, while down in Australia during the month of December directing a play called "Tot Mom", went about shooting an almost entirely improvised feature film using the cast of the aforementioned play. The word came from "Tot Mom" actor Rhys Muldoon who verified that the film has no relation to the play itself.

The Soderbergh-directed "Tot Mom", making a single run only in Australia, is based on the real life events of Florida woman Casey Anthony who was accused of killing her toddler daughter in 2008. It centers around the crusading campaign set forth by legal commentator Nancy Grace in her efforts to bring the story to the public eye. As The Playlist notes, "It's essentially a story about media sensation and community complicity and at the same time without glaring judgment or indictments."

Last year, Soderbergh brought us three films: CHE, THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, and THE INFORMANT!. This year, he's bringing out his Spalding Grey documentary AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE (opening later this month at Sundance in fact), and then next month he'll start shooting his "realistic" action spy film KNOCKOUT, followed by the Matt Damon/Michael Douglas LIBERACE sometime this summer. Whew! And that's not even mentioning his 3D Cleopatra musical or this spur of the moment improv film he just shot! Motherf*cker is the definition of prolific.
Extra Tidbit: Soderbergh's film KNOCKOUT will star real-life MMA fighter Gina Carano.
Source: The Playlist



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