Someone call Rich Little, a Ronald Reagan biopic is in the works

Though a 2003 miniseries about the life of Ronald Reagan, starring notorious democrat James Brolin, was dumped by CBS before it could air, Hollywood producers are once again trying to get the story of our 40th president off the ground. The film, REAGAN, was written by Jonas McCord (MALICE) and already has a independently financed budget of $30 million. While Ralph Winter (X-MEN) is producing, it's unclear if the film will tell of Reagan's time as a Captain America-style superhero (briefly glimpsed to the right).

So far no actors or directors are attached to the project but with almost everyone thinking they can do a good Reagan impression, expect producers to be casting from a wide pool. The film will add Reagan to the list of presidents - Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush to list just the ones that Oliver Stone has directed - who've had the biopic treatment.

So far the film is scheduled for a late-2011 release date but, as mentioned above, the obvious first step is casting Reagan. So who do you think would be able to pull it off?

Extra Tidbit: Ronald Reagan? The actor? Then who's vice-president, Jerry Lewis?
Source: THR



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