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Sommers on Tarzan


How do you go from Guillermo del Toro to the guy who pummeled the collective scrotum of cinema with VAN HELSING?

That's the question you might ask when you learn that director and MUMMY resurrector Stephen Sommers is swinging into the chair for a big-screen TARZAN movie for Warner Bros. (del Toro was eyeballing the project a couple years back).

At least A-list screenwriter Stuart Beattie (COLLATERAL, AUSTRALIA) is working on the script -- they recently teamed to humanize action figures with G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA.

The famous creation of author Edgar Rice Burroughs, a jungle-raised savage brought to civilization only to reject it in favor of vine-swinging and babes in leopard skin, has already appeared in about 100 movies and TV shows. Could it be yet another future franchise for... Hugh Jackman?

Extra Tidbit: How much Keeffe was there in the 1981 Bo Derek romp TARZAN THE APE MAN?
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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