Sony aims Dads & Guns

Poster for DE PERE EN FLIC

Here's something that will make DJ Qualls happy since, if you haven't listened to this week's JoBlo Podcast yet, the diminutive actor chastised us Canadians for not getting behind our cinema nearly enough. I did mention to him that French Canadians do strongly support their films, and here's proof - Sony grabbed the remake rights to one of our biggest hits.

The studio will unite with powerhouse producers Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall to remake hit comedy DE PÈRE EN FLIC, which for all intents in purposes will be renamed FATHERS & GUNS. I'd explain to them that it's a little lame to not use the exact translation, but they might suggest nasty ways to dispose of my explanation.

The original film, which starred two of Québec's more popular comedians, centers on a cop duo of estranged daddy and sonny assigned to infiltrate a Father/Son group therapy camp. Sounds idiotic, but it was funny enough to make it the highest grossing film in the province.

Extra Tidbit: I know exactly who I'd cast in this: Alan Tudyk and Harvey Keitel.
Source: Variety



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