Sony is moving ahead with plans for a Goosebumps sequel


Sony may finally have a franchise they can call their own. 

Closing deals with director Rob Letterman and writer Darren Lemke, the studio is proceeding with plans for a GOOSEBUMPS sequel that would get the ball rolling on a series of stories based on the R.L. Stine books of the same name. The hope is that Jack Black would return to play the character version of the aforementioned Stine again, giving Sony something in the much-desired family entertainment category that typically holds up well at the box office. 

The first GOOSEBUMPS film was highly entertaining and better than a lot of people expected it'd wind up being (check out our own JimmyO's review). It turned out to be a solid hit for Sony - $157 million theatrically worldwide with good business coming from the home release - and that's the type of foundation you'd want to build upon for a sequel that could land even bigger. A GOOSEBUMPS sequel is the type of film that would typically surpass the box office of its predecessor, with a lot of people taking notice of the movie later down the line through word of mouth. Sony is making a smart decision here, going forth with more GOOSEBUMPS as this has the potential to turn out well for them and give audiences the rare family horror adventure.




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