Sony's Damned United

Sony Pictures have acquired the rights to THE DAMNED UNITED, a biopic of legendary English soccer coach Brian Clough, with Tom Hooper (RED DUST) to direct from a script by Peter Morgan (THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND). I realize just writing that first sentence that more than half of you will likely have tuned out by now since we're talking about "soccer" here. Unfortunately, I'm gonna carry on, since the film - adapted from Dave Peace's novel - will tell the story of Clough's ill-fated 44-day reign as coach of Leeds United, then one of England's most successful soccer teams. And yeah, thanks to my grand parents this travesty of a team is who I have been saddled, since birth, with supporting. They are currently languishing in the third tier of the English football leagues, and while it might be nice to see a movie and look back at when the team was great, it probably won't. I'm pretty sure seeing Billie Jean on VH1 doesn't make Michael Jackson's parents feel any better about how his life has panned out.

Michael Sheen (BLOOD DIAMOND) will play Brian Clough, with Jim Broadbent (HOT FUZZ) and Colm Meaney (LAYER CAKE) co-starring.
Extra Tidbit: Sheen was once married to a little-known chick called Kate Beckinsale.
Source: Variety



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