Sopranos movie talk

Customarily following the success of the SEX AND THE CITY movie (still hate all of you guys that saw that, by the way), there has been some more talk about a big screen version of The Sopranos. The news of this comes via an announcement that HBO has green-lit three new drama pilots. Of course, Chase has gone on record several times saying that the show was behind him. But I mean, of course these guys want a SOPRANOS movie. That tv-series was consistently brilliant, and featured probably the best ending of all time. In fact a good game to play while watching the show was 'what can I have done to me and still enjoy it?' I never tried it but I heard it's possible to have a good time watching The Sopranos even when you have a friend throwing exploding vials of smallpox at you from across the room.
Extra Tidbit: Are you guys done with The Sopranos? Or are you up for a movie?
Source: Variety



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