Sorority Row sisters

Looking for a good old-fashoined R-rated teen slasher flick? You're in luck because Summit Entertainment has announced production on a remake of 1983's THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. Unlike movies like PROM NIGHT, this version will be made with an R-rating in mind. Set to star in the film are Briana Evigan (STEP UP 2 THE STREETS) and Rumer Willis (THE HOUSE BUNNY) who will presumably be playing sorority sisters being picked off one-on-one after a prank on their house mother goes horribly wrong. Stewart Handler (WHISPER) will direct the film with a script by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger. Teen slasher films haven't had much success (at least critically) lately but perhaps this can be something different? Well, it probably won't be THE DARK KNIGHT of the slasher world but if we could at least get something I could sit through on a Saturday night I'd be happy. Thanks to Shock Till You Drop for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: If you're in the Pittsburgh area and want to be an extra in the film, click here to learn more.
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