Soundwave in TF2!

I know a lot of you need another TRANSFORMERS movie like you need a third nut, but I believe there are enough of you out there who like me, loved the shit outta the first movie. I'd also like to think that of that number, there are a bunch who want to see Soundwave in the sequel. Today we have confirmation on just that, from writer Roberto Orci:

IGN: Is there one particular Transformer, good or bad, that you absolutely had to get into the sequel?
ORCI: I'll tell you. We had to get Soundwave in there.

IGN: Nice. Where Soundwave goes, will Ravage follow?
ORCI: Perhaps! Who's Ravage? ... I'm kidding! You know, we had Ravage in an early draft of the first movie and Soundwave, and we couldn't do it right and I think this time hopefully we'll have the ability to do it.

If you aren't well up on what Soundwave is all about, or just for a pleasant stroll down memory lane, HERE we have a clip of Soundwave not taking any shit from neither decepticons nor the laws of physics. You can also check the rest of the interview out over at IGN, where Orci also discusses the STAR TREK movie.
Extra Tidbit: Soundwave was but one of the characters that the legendary Frank Welker voiced.
Source: IGN



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