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Sources say a movie version of 24 is being considered again


After the shortened season of 24 subtitled LIVE ANOTHER DAY ended last month, the future for the Kiefer Sutherland action series still seemed ambiguous. Yes, the new run was enjoyed by fans of the previous eight seasons, but the ratings were less than stellar. Still, there was clearly still life in Jack Bauer.

While FOX has yet to commit to a tenth run, shortened or otherwise, for the espionage, action drama, producer Imagine Entertainment may be looking into developing it as a feature film. After the show originally ended back in 2010, there was rampant speculation that it would become a feature film. At one point, Tony Scott was rumored to be involved, prior to his death. Screenwriter Mark Bomback had made script revisions but budgetary concerns shelved the film. Now, with Jack Bauer back in the zeitgeist, maybe the film may happen.

Kiefer Sutherland himself has not committed to another series as he did with TOUCH, nor does he have any major film commitments in the way. The fact that Imagine is shopping for a possible project means there may be a chance we could finally see Jack on the big screen. Maybe that rumored DIE HARD/24 crossover could happen now to boost both franchises?

Source: TV Line



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