Southland finally?

A whole year after the previous cut of Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES was reviled by Cannes attendees, we now hear official word of its new deal at the same French festival.

Apparently Sony will partner with Samuel Goldwyn Films to distribute Kelly's DONNIE DARKO follow-up, along with Lucy Liu's vampire flick RISE and Guy Ritchie's gangster stinker REVOLVER. When, where and how we'll see the flicks is unknown, although RISE is set for a June 1st limited theatrical release.

SOUTHLAND TALES stars Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Rock and an expansive and sundry cast interacting during a Los Angeles heatwave in the (increasingly) not-too-distant future.

Kelly has reportedly massaged the film into something more satisfying to execs. We'll see how well it worked -- our own grand nacho, JoBlo himself, wasn't too thrilled with the cut he caught at Cannes last year, read his review RIGHT HERE.

Thanks to 'Peter' for the heads up!
Extra Tidbit: We haven't exactly seen much of any of SOUTHLAND's stars lately either, have we?
Source: Variety



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